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"Entertainingly written by Cherie B. Stihler and delightfully illustrated by Jeremiah Trammel,
The Giant Cabbage: An Alaska Folktale is a playful story about a hard-working moose who is determined to enter the biggest and best cabbage he can grow into the Giant Cabbage contest.
But the cabbage he grows is so big it can hardly be moved — what is everyone to do?

"The Giant Cabbage is an upbeat, whimsical and enthusiastically recommended picture book tale which will have special appeal for children ages 3 to 8."

Midwest Book Review

PreSchool-Grade 2-Another twist on the familiar Russian folktale, "The Turnip." Moose's giant cabbage is a shoo-in for a prize at the fair, but he can't budge it on his own.....This title, while also highly readable, makes its contribution to the field through its depiction of Alaskan wildlife. At story's end, Stihler includes source notes, information about Alaskan vegetables (the "midnight sun" allows them to grow to record size), and a recipe for Moose's cabbage soup. Trammell's cheerful, paint-and-pen artwork sets a cast of friendly looking animals in a verdant landscape. Alternating spot and full-spread illustrations add to the dramatic effect, and the repeated words "big," "huge," and "GIANT" are printed in successively larger typefaces....this enjoyable title is a solid addition. Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information, Inc.

School Library Journal ~ Eve Ortega

"In this colorful picture book, Moose and his animal friends use teamwork and a can-do attitude
to get an enormous cabbage from Moose's garden to the Alaska State Fair, where it wins first prize.
Repeating phrases and charming characters add to the fun for young children. "

"Top Shelf" ~ Alaska Airlines Magazine ~Leslie Forsberg

"Truly a charming book that children ages 3-8 will enjoy. Moose has a problem.
He grew a huge cabbage but cannot get it to the fair. It is just too BIG!
Fortunately, Moose has some very special friends who are more than happy
to lend a helping hand. When everyone pushes the cabbage , they accomplish a HUGE feat.
They move the cabbage onto the truck and take it to the fair.
Fortunately, Moose's friends have ENORMOUS hearts too and so does Moose
when he shares his cabbage after the fair. This is a great book about
friendship and helping others. The illustrations are wonderfully sweet.
The text is easy to read and children will appreciate the repetitive
words that make this story fun to read. "

Book Review~ Jennifer Reed, editor Wee Ones

"The Giant Cabbage" is an adaptation of the Russian folktale in which a farmer needs the help of his family and neighbors in harvesting a giant turnip. This Alaskan version is written by Fairbanks author/educator Cherie B. Stihler and illustrated by Alaska-born Jeremiah Trammell, who has just moved to Seattle. It celebrates the giant vegetables for which the Land of the Midnight Sun is famous. In this version, the farmer is an overall-clad moose who has selected a giant cabbage to exhibit at the fair -- the only problem is that it is so big he needs help in harvesting it. A succession of furry friends arrives to assist -- Bear, Wolf and others are willing to lend a paw -- but it isn't until little Vole chips in that they are able to complete their task. Trammell's illustrations are charming, and the repetition that Stihler emphasizes in the story should make it very enjoyable for children who are just getting the hang of reading. "The Giant Cabbage" reiterates the message of the original folktale, which is that cooperation among friends can move mountains -- or at least vegetables! It was published by Paws IV, an imprint of Seattle's Sasquatch Books.

Barbara McMichael ~ The Bookmonger
Sun-Link Review and The Olympian - June 2003

"A very cute story about animal friends working together to get a job done.
The illustrator also did a great job with the designs.
The whole book exudes a classic children's tale!"

Book Review Café by Lisa

Article reprint from The Frontiersman

"Cherie B. Stihler has reworked an Alaskan folktale into a delightful story
entitled "The Giant Cabbage" (Sasquatch Books. $9.95). Moose wants to enter
his big, really big, huge, enormous cabbage in the upcoming Giant Cabbage Contest
....Even with help from his friends....Moose can't budge the cabbage. Finally Little Vole
pitches in and the green, leafy mountain slowly begins to roll. Once the animals push
it up onto Moose's truck it's off to the fair where the cabbage easily wins the blue ribbon. 
Getting the veggie home is a lot easier since it can now be 'dismantled' for a delicious
cabbage soup.Based on a traditional Russian folktale where a turnip usually holds
center stage, the cabbage substitution makes more sense given the gigantic produce
raised in the Matanuska-Susitna Valley about 40 miles north of Anchorage. 
What's the actual record for a Giant Cabbage at the Palmer Cabbage Contest? 
Currently 105.6 pounds! Jeremiah Trammell's illustrations chronicle the
attempt to getthe enormous cabbage to the fair in this very special tale that
emphasizes the importance of teamwork. Youngsters age three and up will
enjoy following Moose's dilemma and how his friends all help out."
©2003 Bob Walch

Bob Walch~ Coast Impressions, an On-line Magazine