The Giant Cabbage has quizzes for Accelerated Reader and Reading Counts programs!


Grades 6-8 Cabbage Math


" Line Up" ~~ K-2 Math
Terrific K-2 Giant Cabbage Unit - CA Content Standards

Cabbage - Harvest of the Month


Word Search

Crossword puzzle

Dress a Cabbage!

A World of Cabbage


Cabbage Sightings
please add YOUR
cabbage art!

Cabbages in History
a rather silly bit

Cabbage Facts

Cabbage Haiku

Cover art for
The Giant Cabbage

Coloring Page

Cabbage Mask

Lore and Trivia

Cabbage Recipes

Book mark


"Here a Cabbage, There a Cabbage...." Cabbage Places

The Giant Cabbage has been part of several Battle of the Books lists ~

The Giant Cabbage is excerpted in
Houghton Mifflin's HSP California Excursions, Gold Pass Reader, 2nd grade~

It is an approved tradebook supplement for the new
California Health Curriculum in 2nd Grade (2011)

MESS Physical Science Recommended Materials (pre School)




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